Frequently Asked Questions..

Finding the right stylist can be daunting, here's a few questions I get asked which could help clear up a few things..

Aren't stylists for the rich and famous?

They may have been once upon a time but not anymore, stylist's are available to anyone who wants to find confidence in their clothes, clarity in their wardrobes, feel and look great in what they're wearing.

Are you going to dress me like you?
If you like and want my style, sure! Haha. But the truth is we all have our own unique styles, we have different lifestyles and body shapes. It's my job to help you discover your own personal style story and find what feels, fits and looks good.

Are you going to judge me?
No way! Judgement has no place in your style story and I always strive for a comfortable, safe, open and fun experience for us both.

Do you do colours?
In the 1980's, it was common practice to categorise and limit someone to a particular season but times have changed. Do I do colours in the traditional way? No. Do I do colours in a limitless way that evokes joy? Yes! The world is so full of different colours, why limit yourself to just wearing a few? If there's a colour you want to wear, we can make that happen. It may not necessarily be next to your face, it may take the form of an accessory or fabulous skirt. 

How much is the shopping part going to cost and will you pressure me to buy?
During the Style Prologue, I will ask you what your shopping budget is and we will absolutely stick to that. I can work with any budget, low to high - secondhand, malls or boutiques. There is no pressure to buy, I am not commission based. My priority is you and finding clothes that fit both your body and your budget. 

Do you do makeup?
Not professionally no. But I do have relationships with people that do! So if this is something you're looking for as a finishing touch to your style experience, I can organise that for you at an additional cost. We can even go one step further and organise a photoshoot to highlight your new found confidence. 

What hours do you work and how do I get hold of you?
At this stage, I am available in the weekends for in person styling packages. I find this works with the majority of clients and their busy lifestyles.  Late night Thursday's and Friday's at the mall are also an option. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to give me a call or flick me an email. My details are on the bottom of this page or via the Let's Chat page