My Style Story..

Born and raised in Auckland, my love for fashion began early on; dressing up my Barbie's while wearing my favourite pink and yellow polka dot dress.


Growing up watching Trinny, Susannah and Gok on TV, solidified the fact that being a stylist and helping people to become the best versions of themselves was something I absolutely wanted to do. Alas, life had other plans for me.

My first job saw me working in the library after school, putting away and organising story after story. This led to 12 years working in a bookshop surrounded by even more stories and wearing a soul sucking uniform, my style loving self was suffering.


Breaking away from retail, I moved into office administration roles - I was wearing my own clothes again and it felt so good to express myself through style. I was reminded of how powerful and confident you can feel just by getting dressed in the morning. 


With my passion reignited, I enrolled with Australian Style Institute to complete the Certificate in Fashion Styling and Style Storyteller was born.


The name "Style Storyteller" represents my lifelong love for style, my background in books, my new found knowledge and drive to help people tell their own style story!