The Complete Style Saga

Invest in your style with the full "cover to cover" styling experience.


Firstly, we take the time to complete the Style Prologue, this can be done face to face or online in your own time and is all about your current style, how you want to look , feel and your ideal outcomes.

With those outcomes in mind, we edit and reorganise your wardrobe, identifying gaps and head into a fun shopping trip with great intention.

  • The Style Prologue 

  • The Wardrobe Edit - 2 hrs

  • The Shopping Adventure - 3 hrs

  • Personalised Style Story (Emailled)

* takes place over two sessions

*Add an extra hour - $80 each 


The Wardrobe Edit

Before any great story is published, it is edited, plot twists are explored and items are removed that distract from your narrative.


In many ways, your wardrobe is no different, lets take out items that no longer serve you, create some exciting outfits with pieces you already have and reorganise your wardrobe so it is no longer a source of stress but instead a place of possibility!

  • The Style Prologue 

  • The Wardrobe Edit - 2 hrs

  • Personalised Style Story (Emailled)

*Optional - Got a mammoth wardrobe?

Add an extra hour for $80


The Shopping Adventure

Whether you enjoy shopping or struggle with it, I'm here to help and can work to any budget.

With your ideal outcomes in mind, a friendly, non judgmental but honest opinion and a plan in place, we will head out and embark on a fun shopping adventure!

  • The Style Prologue 

  • The Shopping Adventure - 2 hrs

  • Personalised Style Story (Emailled)

*Optional - Having way too much fun?

Add an extra shopping hour for $80

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